The Normal-type (Japanese: ノーマルタイプ Normal type) is one of the seventeen elemental types. Excluding the 18th ??? Type. Notable trainers that specialize in Normal-Type Pokémon include Whitney of Goldenrod City, and Norman of Petalburg City, both of whom are Gym Leaders from different regions.

Characteristics Edit

The Normal Type's only true weakness is Fighting. With two times the rate of damage inflicted on a normal pokémon. Ghost types are immune to normal type attacks. Making Ghost-Type attacks have zero times the amount of damage normally inflicted on that pokémon. Up until the addition of the Sinnoh Dex, there have been no normal-type Legendary Pokémon. The Legendary Pokémon that are normal are Regigigas and Arceus.

Most Normal pokémon that are a Normal-type are only a Normal type, rather than being a dual Normal-type. Mainly others that have another type is Normal/Flying, the only dual typed pokémon that aren't Normal/Flying is Girafarig, which is Normal/Psychic, and Bibarel, which is Normal/Water.

Single Normal-Type pokémon that are purely Normal and do not have a dual type generally have a variety of Normal moves, and large rang of Fire-, Ice-, and Electric-Type moves.

There are also many Normal-Type pokémon that rely on tricking or deceiving their foes. This strategy is known as a "gimmick". Pokémon that use the Gimmick strategy are Ditto, the Porygon family, Smeargle, Spinda, Castform, Kecleon, and Arceus. Thus, the Normal-type can be known as a "Default"-type or a "Basic"-type

In Pokémon Contests, Normal-typed pokémon do not have a set or specific contest type.

Though Normal attacks are never super effective against anything, the strongest attack power-wise is Explosion. Explosion ha 250 power and 100% accuracy.

There are 80 pokémon title that are the normal type.

Battle PropertiesEdit

Normal-Type Moves

  • Are super effective against: Nothing
  • Are not very effective against: Rock, Steel
  • Have no effect against: Ghost

Normal-Type Pokémon

  • Resist: Nothing
  • Weak against: Fighting
  • Immune to: Ghost

Although Normal-Type and Fighting-Type attacks have no effect against Ghost Pokémon, the moves Foresight and Odor Sleuth, as well as the ability Scrappy, give the ability for Normal-Type moves and Fighting-Type Moves to have effect against Ghost Pokémon. The move Struggle, a move that is used when a pokémon has no moves left, has effect against Ghost Pokémon, even though Struggle is a Normal Type move.


  • With 152 moves, the Normal-type has the most moves.
  • There are 10 Normal-type moves with a power of 100 or more, more than any other elemental type.
  • Every generation has introduced Normal-type Pokémon with names that begin with the letters C, T, and S.
  • No type is weak to Normal-type moves, making the Normal-type the only type that is not super effective against anything.
  • There are no Pokémon that have Normal as a secondary type, only as a first type.